Digital Forensic Bibliography

Digital forensics in cultural heritage

Kirschenbaum, M.G. Ovenden, R. & Redwine, G. (2010). Digital Forensics and Born-Digital Content in Cultural Heritage Collections. ISBN 978-1-932326-37-6.

Learning and teaching

Duranti, L. & Endicott-Popovsky, B. 2010. Digital Records Forensics: A New Science and  Academic Program for Forensic Readiness. Journal of Digital Forensics, Security and Law. Volume 5 Number 2.
Applied Forensics

Bell, G.B. & Boddington, R. 2010. ‘Solid State Drives: The Beginning of the End for Current Practice in Digital Forensic Recovery?’ Journal of Digital Forensics, Security and Law. Volume 5 Number 3.
– Functionality implemented on SS devices destroys evidence that may have evidential value

Research papers

Garfinkel, S.L.; Parker-Wood, A.; Huynh, D.; Migletz, J. 2010. “An Automated Solution to the Multiuser Carved Data Ascription Problem,” Information Forensics and  Security, IEEE Transactions on , vol.5, no.4, pp.868-882, Dec. 2010. doi: 10.1109/TIFS.2010.2060484.

– Research paper that examines the use of data mining tools for determining data provenance in multi-user computing environments

Garfinkel, S.L (2007). Document & Media Exploitation. Power Management Magazine. Volume 5 Issue 7, November/December 2007.

Guidance Documents

Grundy, B.J. (Dec 2008) The Law Enforcement and Forensic Examiner’s Introduction to Linux: A Practitioner’s Guide to Linux as a Computer Forensic Platform.

Malone, J.L. 2004. GCFA Practical Assignment. Version 1.4. Analysis of an Unknown Binary, Legal Issues, and “The Hack”.


Google Forensics search (and an explanation of its purpose)

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